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In the last piece, we learned the problem happened on the food grade hose surface. While this time, let’s learn the problems on reinforce layer and inner tube.

Problems on inner tube of food grade rubber hose

The inner rubber layer of the food grade rubber hose is hard and has cracks. The main reason for through the analysis is that rubber products contain plasticizers. While it’s to make the hose flexible and plastic. However, if the hose is overheat, the plasticizer will overflow.

The inner rubber layer goes bad severely and swell. The reason for the serious problems are that the inner rubber material of the rubber hose is incompatible with the oil. Then the rubber hose will be corroded by chemical or oil.

Problems on reinforce layer

The food-grade rubber hose breaks, and the braided steel wire near the break was rusted. Then it causes the hose break. It is mainly because of the action of damp or corrosive on this layer. And the strength of the rubber hose reduces. So that it cause rupture at high pressure.

The reinforced layer of the rubber hose is not rusted, but there are irregular broken wires in the reinforced layer. The main reason is that the rubber hose subjects to high-frequency impact.

Ruber food grade hose

Crack of the food grade hose

The hose breaks in one or more places, the split is neat and the other parts are in good condition. The main reason is that the system pressure is too high. And it exceeds the pressure resistance of the hose. Twist in the rubber hose rupture point. It is mainly because of the excessive torsion of the rubber hose during use.

After these analysis, you may find that the problems are mainly because of 2 reasons. The first is hose quality while the other one is proper use. Thus you should pay more attention to these 2 factors. Orientflex is a powerful and reliable manufacturer for all kinds of hoses including food grade hose. If you have any question about hoses, contact us and get the best solution.

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