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In the last piece, I introduced you some common used hydraulic hose fittings. They can be welded type, flange type, etc. While this time let me introduce you the precautions of flange during the use.

When the flange hydraulic pipe joint is installed on the pipeline, its working pressure shall not be greater than 110% of the rated working pressure of the pipeline. That is, it shall not be greater than 1.6 MPa.

hydraulic hose fitting

When installing flange hydraulic pipe joints, attention should be paid to compressing the sealing surface tightly. And no deflection or axial movement is allowed, otherwise the sealing surface will be damaged.

During the installation process, it is strictly forbidden to use a hammer to hit the bolts on the flange.

When installing flange hydraulic pipe joints, they should be kept vertical and not tilted, and the two sealing surfaces should be kept clean to prevent dirt or foreign matter from entering.

When using flange hydraulic pipe joints, the connections should be kept clean.

During installation, avoid collision and extrusion of flange hydraulic pipe joints.

hose joint

When flange-type hydraulic pipe joints are used to transport corrosive media, corrosion-resistant rubber seals or corrosion-resistant materials should be used.

When flange-type hydraulic pipe joints are used in high-temperature environments, high-temperature-resistant seals should be used.

When installing a flange hydraulic pipe joint, the pretightening force of the bolts should be less than or equal to the actual working pressure of the flange hydraulic pipe joint.

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