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PE is an odorless, non-toxic and harmless material which feels like an oak candle. It has good chemical stability, low pressure and corrosion resistance.

PP is a translucent and colorless solid which is odorless and non-toxic. it has a high melting point, up to 167℃ and it resists heat and corrosion. Besides, it has a low density and it is the lightest general purpose plastic. 

In hose industry, both PE and PP can be used as the raw material of spiral hose protector. Then which one is better? While let me introduce you them next.

spiral wrap hose protector

First, PE spiral hose

Texture: Relatively thin and very soft

Color: transparent, black, yellow, red and other custom colors

Property: eco-friendly, good bending, insulation and corrosion resistance

Usage: Mainly used for home wire arrangement and mobile phone data cable protection. Advantages: Affordable price

spiral hydraulic hose wrap

Second, PP spiral hose guard

Texture: Slightly thicker, strong binding force

Color: red, white, blue, black, yellow, other colors can be customized

Property: wear, aging, oil, corrosion, high and low temp resistance. Insulation, good elasticity without breaking, UV proof, etc.

Usage: Used in, loader, road roller, forklift and other machinery. It is to protect hydraulic hose, oil pipe and cable from wear, UV and corrosion. Thus it can not only prolong the service life of them, but also make the project smooth.

Superior features: Strong wear resistance

Here we Orientflex offers you some suggestion to choose

Your purpose is to make the wires tidy and beautiful while the budget is less. At the same time, you do not ask a good wear resistance. Then the PE guard is better. But if the working condition is harsh and ask for a high wear resistance, the PP hose guard is better. Because it can protect your hose and wire well and prolong their service life.

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