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In the last piece, we learned 3 water pipes in household decoration. This time let’s learn the other 3 pipes and find out which one is better for hot water.

Copper pipe

Copper pipe has great corrosion resistance. Besides, it can effectively prevent the appearance and breed of germs. More important, the strong structure and material provide it super pressure resistance. Thus is one of the top grade materials for water. The connection method of copper pipe can be ferrule and welding.

However, The ferrule connection will cause leakage problem for long term use, same as aluminum plastic pipe. Thus most of the copper pipes adopt welding connection. Only this can guarantee there will never be leakage. However, copper pipe still not suitable for hot water. Because the heat conduction is really fast.

PPR pipe

Stainless steel pipe

The properties of stainless steel pipe is similar with copper pipe, but some differences. Stainless steel is the recognized good material. Without man-made damage, it can serve over 100 years. Besides, it will never rust and germs can not develop at all. Thus you never have to worry about the scale and failure. Moreover, it’s nontoxic and quite safe as water pipe.

Stainless steel pipe is also not suitable for household hot water, although it has so many advantages. There are mainly 2 reasons. First is that the construction is really difficult in the narrow area. Second is that the price is really high.

PPR Pipe

As a new water pipe, PPR pipe has unique advantages. Because it can use for both hot water and cold water. It can also use for drinking water directly. Besides, the hot melting connection method guarantees there will never be leakage. Together with the excellent pressure and corrosion resistance, PPR pipe becomes a great material.

From the comparison we can see PPR is much better as the hot water pipe. OrientFlex is an professor in hoses and pipes. We always insist offer you the cost-effective products with the best solution. Contact us now and get the latest news.

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