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If we talk about PU hose, this product is very common in daily life. Besides, it has a wide range of use. Due to the huge demand, there are more and more suppliers. But why PU tube is popular? That’s because it has great properties.

First, pu hose has super corrosion resistance

The reason why users make such products is that PU pipe has the super corrosion resistance. This hose can resist corrosion in water, air, and chemical systems. Therefore, it can work in any conditions without delaying people’s normal work.

PU pneumatic hose

Second, pu hose has super plasticity

PU hoses can be made in various shapes or states. Because of this, you can ask for any. Moreover, various apps require different hoses. So we can also see many types PU hose. 

Third, eco-friendly, energy saving, high recycling rate

Our country has always strongly advocated environmental protection and energy saving. Thus it requires the material should be eco-friendly. While polyurethane hose is such a hose. You can reuse it and recycle it, and it will not cause harm to people. Thus it truly meets national standards. Moreover, the product is non-toxic and harmless. Then you can use it with for food.

PU hose

Last, light in weight and low cost

PU hose is very light, so it will not cause trouble to users when installed and used. In addition, the cost of this kind of hose is low and its service life is long. So we can say that this product reduces a lot of costs and solves many problems for users.

PU hoses can also be used in some construction site, home, hospital, workshop and other places. In the future, as demand continues to increase, production will definitely need to keep up. Orientflex is an expert in fluid solution. We can offer you flexible PU tube with high quality and long service life. If you need such hose, contact us now and get the best quotation.

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