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Please allow me to briefly introduce our company to you. Our company named Orientflex. We manufacture various types of hoses, including PVC hoses, rubber hoses, and hose fittings. The PVC hoses we produced include garden hoses, lay flat hoses, suction hoses, air hoses, high pressure spray hoses, etc. We also can produce PE drip tape for irrigation systems, PU/PA hoses for pneumatic tools, etc. The rubber hoses we produced include air hose, water hose, oil hose, chemical hose, hydraulic hose, material handing hose, etc. We also manufacture rubber hoses and silicone hoses for the auto mobile industry, hose protection guard, etc. We have been manufactured and exported various types of hoses for more than a decade. We exported to Peru, Ecuador, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Russia, United States, Vietnam, Colombia, Philippines, Pakistan etc. We have rich exporting experience, so you do not need to worry anything if you choose us to cooperate.

ag spray hose

The pictures here show the loading of we manufactured PVC high pressure spray hoses. You can see our packaging and how we put these PVC high pressure spray hoses. We can pack one roll of PVC high pressure spray hoses in one bag if you required. These PVC high pressure spray hoses were just sent to our customer these days. This hose is widely used in agriculture field for spraying pesticide, fungicide, etc. Also it can be used for cleaning purpose. The high pressure spray hoses are made of PVC, and reinforced by one or two layers of polyester fibre. The three-layer high pressure spray hose (with one layer fibre reinforcement) can take 40 bar working pressure, and the five-layer high pressure spray hose (with two layer high tensile fibre reinforcement) can take 60 bar working pressure. It can be customized to satisfy the working pressure you need. This PVC high pressure spray hose is flexible, durable, and anti-corrosion. If you also interested in importing them, we can provide to you. Feel free to contact us.

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