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The picture shows the silicone corrugated hoses. These are the order from one of our clients from Peru. In this piece, we would like to show you what aspects for silicone hoses can be customized.

Concerning the silicone hose sizes, the general specification terms that length, wall thickness, inside diameters, outside diameters, the number of reinforcement layers can be customized. Besides these general terms, even the corrugated degrees can be customized. For example, how many millimeters do you want the corrugated amplitude to be can be decided by you.

Concerning the colors, The inner color, the outer color, even the color for each layer can be determined by the requirements. You might even see the paintings on the silicone hoses’ outer layer. There are also big market for the painted outer layer silicone hose, especially for modified cars, luxury cars, racing cars, etc.

We know that the EPDM rubber and silicone are the common material for the hoses that are applied in cars. Due to they can withstand high working temperature, especially silicone. However, silicone material hoses are not suitable for transferring oil mist. If the required transferring medium includes oil mist, you can use the fluorosilicone lining.

corrugated silicone hose

If you need the silicone hose for different cars, you just need to provide us the OE code, we can produce and supply silicone hoses for any car types. For the silicone raw material purchasing, we adopt 100% silicone as raw material to produce silicone hose.

We strictly inspect each production process, and we never bring any mistakes to the next production step. For the end silicone hose product, we will examine and confirm everything is exactly right as the requirements, including the size, printing, packaging, etc.

Now, the silicone raw material price is experiencing a sharp increasing trend, as the manufacturer Orientflex, it is a hard time for us. But please be known that we will provide the best price in the range of our capacity. If you have any purchase plan for quality silicone hoses, consider us to be your reliable supplier.

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