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Silicone hose is a new material in industry. Compared with traditional rubber hose and plastic hose, silicone rubber tubing can bear much higher temperature. Besides, silicone rubber hose can work on harsh conditions. Because of these advantages, silicone flex hose has been widely used in automobile, aerospace, military, etc. However, not all the flexible silicone tubing on the market are good quality. But which kind of high temp silicone tubing can be a qualified hose? Then next, let me show you what is a high quality heat proof silicone tubing.

automotive silicone hose

A high quality silicone hose should pass through lots of tests

First, stretching test

There is no obvious deformation or elongation when the silicone tube is pulled. Besides, there should not be cracks after bending it back and forth three times. In addition, there should not be wrinkles on the surface of the silicone tube.

Flame retardant test

Ignited the silicone flex hose under an open flame. Then when it leaves the fire, it should naturally extinguish after 5 seconds.

High temperature resistant test

Take a one-meter high temp silicone hose as the sample. Then pass it through the stove which has a temp of 120℃. After 5 minutes, there should be no yellowing, bubbles or other poor appearances on the surface. Then make a pressure test to this piece of hose and it should meet the standard.

car silicone hose

High pressure test

Sampling and dividing the silicone tube to be test. While the sample should be after high temp, joint force and tensile test. Then pass the conductor (copper rod or iron rod) through the silicone tube. And take one end of the pressure resistant rod of the voltage resistant instrument to contact the conductor. While the other end moves back and forth on the silicone tube through which the conductor passes. When the silicone tube is broken down, the withstand voltage meter emits an alarm sound. Then this means it is a defective product. Otherwise it is a qualified product.

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