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How should we decide silicone reducer hoses sizes

The silicone reducer hose selected inside diameter sizes should be proper. For preventing the installation of the silicone reducer hoses from adversely affecting the flow rate and causing the pressure loss, the measurement should be accuracy. The silicone reducer hoses are widely applied in heating and cooling system of vehicles. The common hardness of the silicone reducer hoses is 60-70A, but the hardness can also be customized.

Silicone hoses’ features

Compared with other materials, silicone has good electrical insulating performance, however on the other side, silicone attracts dust. This is a weakness of silicone, it is easy to be dirty actually. We tell the truth, we will not hide anything from our reader. Silicone hoses’ working temperature basically is between -40 ℃ to 220 ℃. Silicone withstanding temperature range is wider than PVC and rubber. After curing, silicone presents good mechanical properties, including moderate hardness (60-70A) and good tensile strength, but silicone’s tensile strength is worse than polyurethane (PU). And silicone presents less rigid than polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

silicone pipe reducer

Customized silicone reducer hoses

Maybe most of us will not consider why this specific material made product is applied for this purpose. There are definitely the specific reasons behind it, but should we clearly know everything? Indeed, we can not figure out everything, thus we suggest to hand out the problem to the professional field people to help us solve the questions. Orientflex has been manufactured and exported silicone hose products for more than a decade. By the development, we continuously promote our production process and upgrade our production equipment. While you require silicone reducer hoses product, you’re very welcome to tell us your needs, we will produce the hoses based on your requirements.

How do silicone reducer hoses being used as car parts

If you are interested in silicone hoses industry, then you might be interested in this part. The silicone reducer hoses are required to be with high quality, due to the application of silicone hoses in cars require functions smoothly even in poor road conditions. For formulating high temperature resilience, the rubber, silicone, fluoropolymers have been using to produce hoses. Based on statistics, rubber hoses held over 47% of market shares in 2020. By the continuous increasing of car demands and development in automotive industry, silicone hoses market is predicated a raising trend.

The demand for silicone hoses has a bright prospect in worldwide, if you require silicone hoses, welcome to contact us. We can offer OEM, the sizes, shapes, wall thickness, colors, printings, reinforcement, etc. all can be customized. If you have any wanted to know silicone hoses knowledge, you are also very welcome to send us an email. Our news are often updated, welcome to visit anytime.

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