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In the last piece, we learned several types of hot melt adhesive machine hose. While in this piece, I will introduce you the general application of them.


In automobile industry, hot melt adhesive machine is mainly for body painting, interior bonding, engine assembly, etc. Polyurethane hoses have high abrasion resistance and tensile strength in this case. And it can ensure stable spraying of glue under high temp and high pressure conditions.

PU steel wire duct


In the field of furniture manufacturing, hot melt glue machines are mainly used for panel splicing, furniture assembly and other aspects. Polyurethane hoses and polyethylene hoses play an important role here. They have good wear and impact resistance. This helps improve production efficiency and product quality.

Electronics and home appliance industry

In the electronics and home appliance industries, hot melt glue machines are mainly used for bonding and packaging of components. Silicone hose has good high temp resistance and anti aging property. This ensures that the glue will not deteriorate under high temp conditions, thereby ensuring product quality.

Polyurethane Ducting

Packaging and printing industry

In such fields, hot melt glue machines mainly serves in book binding and packaging box production. PE hose is light in weight and easy to install. Thus it can improve production efficiency.

Aerospace and chemical industry

In these fields, hot melt glue machine is mainly for bonding and sealing of special materials. Fluorine rubber hose has excellent high temp and corrosion resistance. Thus it can ensure the stability and quality of the glue.

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