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Do you know about the application of the oil cooler hoses? Indeed the oil cooler hoses are applied for oil cooling system of the cars and used for transmission oil based fluids. We manufactured Orientflex oil cooler hoses are popular to apply in modified cars and racing cars.

For this specific application fields, we produced oil cooler hose use CPE tube to replace traditional NBR tube. CPE made oil cooler hoses’ aromatic resistant performance is better than NBR. Thus, CPE oil cooler hose is more fit for the oil cooling system in racing cars. The reinforcement uses two layers of braided SS304 steel wire, or the external layer can choose braided nylon threads.

Indeed, the outside layer of the oil cooler hose choosing the braided nylon threads or braided steel wire does not influence the pressure withstanding capacity of the oil cooler hoses. And the nylon thread is flame retardant. Thus, you can choose based on your market preferences.

oil cooler hose

We commonly see the black or sliver color of oil cooler hoses, however they can be made in various colors. For example, we produced red oil cooler hoses are popular in use in racing cars’ oil system. But the colorful braided steel wire price will be higher than the ordinary color. Choosing the colorful braided nylon threads will not influence on the price.

Oil cooler hoses have lots of different hose assemblies. If you need, you can provide us pictures or we can give you some suggestions on oil cooler hose fittings. We are able to crimp the hose fittings according to your requirements. Furthermore, the packaging needs can be satisfied also. You can require the length and hose fittings with independent packaging, that is popular to sell in the market. Any demands, please contact us.

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