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In industry, fibre reinforced hose is more and more popular. While its usage is more and more wide. Next, let me introduce you such reinforced hose in details.

Types and structure of fibre reinforced hose

It mainly has three types, PVC hose, PU hose and nylon hose. All the three hoses have smooth outer skin and small bending radius. In addition, they have the properties of rubber hose and plastic hose. At the same time, the size and weight are just half of them. Then this help you save much cost.

fibre reinforced hose

Application of fibre pipe in industry

PU hose and PA hose have high strength, high elasticity and tearing resistance. Thus they are widely used in auto, military, medical and many other apps.

While the PVC reinforced hose is very practical in harsh works. For example, the works which has low pressure and chemical corrosion. It can transport gases, liquids and other free substances very well. Nowadays, it is also widely used in garden watering, fire fighting, civilian solar water heaters and gas tanks.

In terms of specs and standards, it is also deeply customized with international standard. Such fibre hose has a high burst pressure which is 3 times of the working pressure. Thus you can use it at normal in a high pressure condition. In addition, it has a wide range of working temp. Fibre reinforced hose remains flexible at -40℃ and will not be brittle or crack. In another hand, it can work at max 100℃. Therefore, it is ideal for almost all the industries.

PVC fibre reinforced hose

Orientflex in an expert in fluid solution. As for the fire hose, we can offer you all the types above. Besides, we can offer you the factory price. Since 2010, we have exported our fibre reinforced hose to over 120 countries. What’s more, we get the good reputation from the global users. If you need such hose, Orientflex will be your unique choice.

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