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Tank Cleaning Hose

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Tank Cleaning Hose

Tank cleaning hose is made from EPDM because it has excellent temperature and aging resistant. Therefore, such rubber hose can do the cleaning work with both cold and hot water.

Tube: Black and smooth EPDM

Reinforcement: High strenght synthetic plies and two stainless stranded static wires trailing of each end

Cover: Black, weather and aging resistant EPDM

Temperature: -30℃ to +90℃

Application: Cleaning of tanks and tankers with hot water mixed with steam and chemical addtives

Tank Cleaning Hose is water discharge hose design and made for the tank cleaning operations. It is to transport water or a cleaning solution from water sources such as pump and hydrant to the inlet of a portable tank cleaning machine.

Additionally the Tank Washing Hose is utilized to suspend the portable tank cleaning machine within the tank to be cleaned. The standard Cleaning Hose is made from EPDM with two stainless steel bonding wires, incorporated in the hose core for electrostatic protection.

Orientflex always focus on the quality and will always offer you the most cost-effective rubber water hose. With strict standard, Orientflex hose will be your unique choice.

Tank Washing Hose Specification

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