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The 8th hundred regiments will come on Aug 17th. While OrientFlex will continue participate in it. You may feel confused that what is the hundred regiments. Is that the even that happened during the War of Resistance Against Japan Aggression? In fact, it’s quite different.

Then what is hundred regiments?

Actually, it an business activity held by Hebei Chamber Of E-Commerce. Hebei Province is a huge base for foreign trade in north China. Thus Hebei Chamber Of E-Commerce hold such an activity to develop the trade further.

History of hundred regiments

In 2014, we held the first hundred regiments. For the first time, over 20 trade companies participated in such activity. Meanwhile, we achieved around 14 million USD sales.

But in 2021, more than 80 companies participate in. While the sales reached 110 million.

hundred regiments

We make such great achievement within 7 years. As the chief said, we will be better every year. In the coming 8th activity, about 100 companies will participate in such event.

Great significance

This is a huge platform for the companies from the whole province to learn each other. Because you can be better by standing with excellent person. Here we OrientFlex the hundred regiments a complete success.

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