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Did you know that silicone tubes can be used in the food industry? They are also known as food silicone tubes. Do you know the adsorption principle of silicone tube? We know that Activate carbon also has adsorption effect. So are the adsorption principles of silicone tubes and activate carbon the same?

Silicone tube is a new type of pipe for transporting liquid or gas. The adsorption principle of silicone tube is much less powerful than that of activate carbon, only about 10% of its adsorption strength. If there is a long water pipe, there will be many different substances in the water quality. Then some substances will stick to the inner wall of the pipe more and more when they encounter the super strong adsorption principle of the pipe. At this time, the more substances stick, it will easily cause the pipe to become clogged. For some filtering devices, the tubes must have super adsorption performance. In the same way, stains can be filtered out.

silicone reinforced hose

The difference between silicone tube device and activate carbon

It is no longer uncommon to install activate carbon in silicone tubes. In addition to its super adsorption principle, real activate carbon can also filter out a lot of dirt. The activate carbon installed in the tube also varies in quality. The quality comes from activate carbon and pipe materials. Some friends think that silicon has no adsorption principle. But it is not the truth. Once silicone combines with a stronger adsorption tool, it will also make adsorption difference. Just like magnets attracting each other from the front, they can complement each other.

wire reinforced silicone hose

Is the adsorption principle of silicone tube the same as that of Activate carbon?

Activate carbon will adsorb organic substances and can absorb anything. However, the adsorption principle of silicone tubes is not as extensive as that of Activate carbon. Not all substances can be adsorbed. For example, it will not adsorb metal substances. In addition, there is no adsorption for dry substances. For software and items that are light in size, the adsorption principle will occur.

This is the comparison between silicone tube and activate carbon adsorption. The adsorption principles of the two are different, so the usages are also different.

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