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Compressed air hose becomes more and more popular in the field of electronic production. Because it can not only improve efficiency, but also ensure product quality and production safety. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the use of compressor air tube in electronic industry.

Air compressor hose is a flexible and pressure resistant hose to transport compressed air and other gases. In the production of electronic equipment, high pressure air is widely used in automated production line, pneumatic tools, cleaning and drying. Among them, production line is one of the most widely used fields for air hose.

air compressor air hose

Compressed air hose widely serves in production line

In this process, air hose is to drive various pneumatic tools. While these tools include cylinder, solenoid valve, vacuum pump, etc. These play an important role in the production line, such as assembly, testing, etc. The use of compressor tubing can greatly improve efficiency and reduce cost.

Pneumatic tools

Air compressor flex hose is also ideal for pneumatic tools such as drill bit, spray gun, etc. The use of them can improve work efficiency and quality.

Some issues that need to consider when using compressed air hose

rubber air hose

First, select a suitable hose based on working pressure, flow rate, medium, etc.

The hose needs to install correctly to avoid over bending. Because that can affect the service life.

You also need to check and inspect the hose to make sure it still safe and reliable. While if you find any problems on it, replace a new one at once.

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