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Hose is a common material for us. And there are many types of hoses now. While dust extraction hose is one of them. This kind of anti-static hose is not expensive and is popular on the market. But do you know where it serves in your life?

Anti-static hose is mainly in the places where static exists due to friction. It is very suitable for abrasive particles. It can reduce or even avoid static. Besides, such duct hose has good wear, chemical UV resistance. What’s more, there will never be leakage during use.

dust extraction hose

Most anti static hoses on the market use PU as raw material. And they can work at -20 to over 90℃. It is in many places in life, such as kitchen. While it is to exhaust the kitchen fumes. The structure is very simple, but the use effect is really good. Besides, many people in rural areas use such hose to collect water.

Because anti static hose is flexible, it also widely serves in industry. While this includes industrial robot, pneumatic tool, protective jackets for metal or electronic product, etc. hose. Because of this, we find that the market prospect of this product is very good.

The price of anti-static hoses is not high. But the uneven prices also determine the quality of the hose. The price of high quality hose will be more expensive. But the service life is longer. On the contrary, cheap hoses have lower cost and short service life. It depends on the needs of the user.

high temp duct hose

Dust extraction hose is very common in our daily life. It has a simple structure. But it plays an important roll. Thus if you need such hose, try to find a reliable supplier. Because the quality can be sure. Here I recommend you Orientflex. It is a one-stop supplier of flexible hoses and couplings. And the quality is really good.

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