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Flour mills are a typical source of dust pollution Thus you must take measures to protect workers’ health. As a good dust proof tool, PU hose is ideal for use in flour mills.

PU ducting has good wear and corrosion resistance. Besides, and can serve for a long time in the high temp, high pressure of flour mills. What’s more, there will not be damage.

PU steel wire duct

Second, PU hoses flexible and elastic. Thus you can easily bend and shape it to adapt to various working needs.

In addition, the sealing of the PU hose is very good. So it can prevent the leakage of flour dust. Then it can ensure the quality and hygiene of flour.

During the use, polyurethane hose can serve for ventilation, dust removal, grain storage, etc. For example, during the flour deliver process, the hose can reduce the generation of flour dust. Then it can improve efficiency and protect the health of worker.

In the grain storage process, you can use PU hose to make granary. Then it can prevent grains from getting damp and moldy.

PU tube

Besides flour mills, PU duct hose pipe is also ideal for other fields. While these include mining, chemical industry, medicine, etc. In these fields, PU flexible ducting can deliver liquid, gas and solid mediums.

Orientflex in an expert in vacuum and ducting fields. And we can offer you various duct hoses like PU duct, PVC duct, silicone duct, etc. Each of them is good in quality with a long service life. Thus we believe they will be your reliable assistant in your work. Contact us now and get more details about them.

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