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As the name suggests, we can see that corrugated hose is a corrugated and flexible pipe. In fact, it plays a great role in modern social life. Thus you can often see it no matter in factory or your living life. For example, the pipe running under the sink in our kitchen is a corrugated hose. corrugated soft pipe. In fact, the usage of such hose is far more than this. Then let me show you next.

PVC corrugated suction hose

The usage of corrugated hose

The pipeline industry is the most common use of bellows. In social life, you can see it everywhere. Because it is flexible and pressure resistant. Besides, it can absorb vibration energy. Thus it can reduce vibration and noise. In the industrial machine, it can be the connector among machines. While in some cases, it serves as the ventilation hose. For example, it can exhaust the waste gas in a welding workshop. Some large size hoses can be used to deliver material. Then it helps reduce the labour and time cost. At the same time, it can greatly improve the deliver efficiency.

In terms of municipal sanitation, it is more important. Because it is flexible and corrosion resistant. Besides, it can also resist high and low temp. Thus it is often used for underground water and sewage drainage. As we all know, sewage treatment has always been a big problem in the city. While other pipes are not as good as bellows. Moreover, it has a long service life.

corrugated hose pipe

From above we can see corrugated hose is widely used in anywhere. But the price is not that high. Thus because it is cost-effective, such hose is more and more popular. When you need such hose, you should find a reliable supplier. Because the quality of it is different on the market. While Orientflex is such a reliable supplier for you. Contact us now and get more details.

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