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Select according to the working environment

When choosing industrial hose for the photovoltaic industry, consider the working environment first. This includes the factors such as temperature, humidity and degree of pollution. According to different conditions, choose hoses with weather, corrosion and wear resistance.

industrial rubber hoses

Select according to the conveying medium

According to the type of medium conveyed during the production of photovoltaic modules, such as high temp liquids, gases, etc. select a hose with good chemical stability and electrical insulation property. At the same time, consider the degree of wear of the medium on the inner wall of the hose. Then select and the right inner layer material.

Select according to service life and maintenance cost

On the premise of ensuring performance, the service life and maintenance cost of industrial hoses should be considered. In general, silicone hose and FKM hose have a longer service life, but higher maintenance costs. While PU hose and metal hose have a shorter service life. But they are easy to maintain and the cost is low. You can choose a suitable industrial hose according to actual needs and budget.

rubber air hose

Focus on brand and quality

When choosing industrial hoses for the photovoltaic industry, you should pay attention to brand and quality. Well-known brands of industrial hoses have high guarantees in terms of material, manufacturing process and performance. At the same time, choose suppliers with good after-sales service and technical support. Ensure that problems encountered during use can be solved in a timely manner.

Among the hose suppliers, I recommend you Orientflex. Orientflex hose is famous in the world because it is the cost-effective option.

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