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Flame retardant hose is a flexible hose which is immune to fire. In general, these hoses can be rubber hose, silicone fire sleeve hose, metal hose, etc. Such fire proof hose is a high-end product. Thus there are strict requirements to the raw material. Then next let me show you the details.

Inner material of flame retardant hose

The inner layer of fire resistant hose usually uses PU or nitrile rubber as the main material. PU has good wear, oil resistance and heat resistance. And it is suitable for high pressure and high temp media. While nitrile rubber has good oil and wear resistance with good air tightness. And it is the best choice for oil products.

flame retardant hose

Outer material

The outer layer of flame retardant hose usually uses natural rubber. Natural rubber has good elasticity, wear and weather resistance. While synthetic rubber has good oil, wear and heat resistance.

Flame retardant

During the production process, there should be flame retardants to improve its property. While these include bromine based flame retardant, phosphorus based retardant and nitrogen based flame retardants. Bromine based flame retardants have good flame retardant effects. But it may have an impact on human health. Phosphorus-based one is eco-friendly. But it may cause fire expansion. While nitrogen based one performs more well. But the cost is higher.

fire proof hose

Above are the requirements to the material of flame retardant hose. Only a high quality hose can make the work more smooth and reliable. While only a reliable supplier can provide you high quality hose. Thus you should choose a reliable supplier if you need such hose. Here I recommend you Orientflex.

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