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In the past articles, I showed you the harmony and happy times of Orientflex annual meeting. While in this time let me show you some moving moment.

It’s the first time that our member’s family come to the meeting site

In the ceremony, Eva’s mother in law comes to the ceremony site. Then she gave a speech to all the members. In the speech, she showed the thanks to Eva and appreciated for her contribution to the family. She said that as a family member, Eva never complain for anything and always show her care to the parent. At the same time, she said the family will always support Eva and be her bay of happy. Eva was touched and down with the happy tears. At this moment, many people at the site tears down.

In fact, a lot of the women here in Orientflex has a child, while some even have two. In the company, they are the worriers who charge in the first line. While in the family, they are the mothers. It’s really hard to play good parts of both these. But they never complain about it. Here I want to show my respect to all the women members in Orient Group. Thanks for your hard work and great contribution.

Besides the onsite greeting, their husbands show their appreciation online. Again, lots of our members tears down, especially our vice general manager, Katya. What a moving moment.

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