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On Nov.1st, 2023, Orientflex held the 14th PK activity opening ceremony. While if we mention the PK, it can date from 2017. At that time, Orientflex held the first PK activity in the summer. While this is to active the work atmosphere. And there will be fun in the tense work.

Before the activity, the host bring us interesting games. Through that, all the staff get great happiness. After the games, there comes the main event, that is the PK.

Orientflex PK activity

This time, we have 9 teams. Then they compete with each other for the prizes. Besides the team PK, there are individual competition. All the members are confident to win the game and achieve the goal.

In fact, competition is not the purpose. While the study is the final goal. Through the competition, all of us can learn from each other. Then we can achieve the win-win. That’s also what we always insist.

I believe all of the members can achieve the goal and win the competition. And I believe Orientflex will achieve the annual goal.

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