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Metal hose becomes more and more popular in the industry these years. Thus the technology of metal hose pipe continues to mature and develop. Besides, more and more types of stainless steel flex hose appears. At the same time, hundreds of suppliers appear. However, the large amount suppliers brings a new problem. That is, the quality of corrugated metal hose on the market is uneven. So in daily life, how to judge the performance of flex steel hose?

flexible metal pipe

At present, most of the steel wire mesh covers are 24 strands, 36 strands, 48 strands and 64 strands. But there are large diameter hoses. While they can be 96 strands, 120 strands and 144 strands. The main parameters include the number of wire, wire diameter, number of strip, and thickness. Besides, there are coverage area, weaving distance, weaving angle, etc.

Ordinary metal hoses only use one layer of mesh. But for special uses, there are also two or three layers of braided ones. Depending on the diameter of the bellows and the use , it is often made of wires with a diameter of 0.3~0.8 mm. While sometimes it is a thickness of 0.2 ~0.5mm strip to make. And there are 4-15 wires per piece and one strip per spindle. Usually when you choose stainless steel hose pipe, look at the size of the mesh sleeve. Then you can determine the performance of the mesh sleeve.

flexible steel tubing

Besides the stainless steel flexible pipe itself, you should choose a reliable supplier. In general, it should be a famous brand. Here I recommend you Orientflex. It’s a reliable supplier with rich experience. What’s more, no matter plastic hose, rubber hose or metal pipe, they are cost-effective. In addition to the high quality hoses, you can also get the best solution there. Thus if you need hoses or have any problems, you can just contact Orientflex.

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