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This piece is going to introduce you the production process of the dock oil transfer hose, someone called it as bunkering hose. This dock oil transfer hose is specialized for discharge and bunkering petroleum based liquids from barges or tankers. Most of dock hoses’ applications use them for transferring palm oil. Because we just produced the dock oil transfer hose based on our client’s requirements, so we want to share with you how we produced the dock oil hoses. And we took and prepared some pictures to show the production environment.

The size range for the dock oil transfer hose is relatively large. We are able to produce 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, and 10 inch of dock oil transfer hoses. The production of the dock hose needs a core mold to determine the size of the dock oil hose. The production processes of the dock oil transfer hose include mixing rubber, calendering, wrapping inner tube, wrapping threads, helix wires and anti-static wires, wrapping outer tube cover, wrapping water cloth, vulcanizing, cooling, taking off the water cloth, removing the core mold, packing and loading.

dock oil hose

The characteristics of the dock hose

The final the dock oil hose product would form a construction of three parts: tube, reinforcement, and outer cover. For transferring petroleum based products (with up to fifty percent aromatic content), the tube is make of nitrile synthetic rubber, which has good performance on withstanding aromatic content. The reinforcement are multi layers of high tensile synthetic tire cords with helix wires, and inserted anti-static wires. The outer cover is wrapped synthetic rubber, which is anti-ozone and abrasion resistant. The whole structure allows the dock hose to withstand 20 bar (300 PSI) working pressure. We, Orientflex, will do the pressure test and resistance measurement for each of the dock oil hoses we manufactured before delivery. And you can see from the pictures how we pack the dock hoses and how we load them. Generally the purchase of dock hoses is with C/W built-in flanges, which we also can supply. If you are looking for dock hoses for dock oil unloading or bunkering, welcome to send us your needs.

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