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The Production Process of PVC Suction Hose

Concerning the production process for manufacturing hoses, the extrusion process is the most common way to manufacture PVC and rubber hoses. For examples, PVC garden hoses, PVC fibre reinforced hoses, PVC clear hoses, PVC air hoses, etc. The production process is firstly extruding the inner tube, reinforced the polyester fibre, and extruding the outer cover for the hoses. However, you might not notice the production for the PVC suction hose is a bit different with simple extrusion production process. The PVC suction hose manufacture machine is firstly extruding PVC ribs and spiral them on the core model to produce the PVC suction hoses. If you can not imagine, you see the pictures.

The Appearance of PVC Suction Hose

The production process for the PVC suction hoses can allow them to achieve smooth cover, simi-corrugated cover, and corrugated cover of PVC suction hoses. Meanwhile the color for PVC hoses’ tube and ribs can be customized. Thus, you can choose which type of suction hoses and which color you need, popular, and widely used in your markets if you want to import them. Our, Orientflex’s popular PVC suction hose is smooth surface PVC suction hoses transparent tube with orange PVC helix. This production process of PVC suction hoses allows them to withstand vacuum pressure, to water suction. The general fibre reinforced PVC hoses can only be used for water delivery but not water suction. If you have suction need, the steel wire reinforced or the suction hose can satisfy your needs.

pvc suction pipe

The Advantages and Packaging Suggestions of PVC Suction Hose

The advantages of PVC suction hoses include they are flexible. The corrugated suction hoses even performed better bending radius. PVC suction hoses are abrasion and chemical resistant, which can serve a long time. Another thing I want to mention is about the loading of PVC suction hoses, you can see when we pack it, there is a space empty in the middle. Therefore, we suggestion you also buy some other types of hoses such as layflat hoses together if you need them. It can help you to save the space. If you are looking for hoses for water suction, welcome to send us your requirements. We would love to give more suggestions and provide good price.

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