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In our daily life, we come into contact with a variety of hoses. In the food, agriculture, medicine and other industries, we can find a kind of food grade hose. That is food grade steel wire hose. Then next let me introduce you about such food safe hose.

steel wire reinforced PVC hose

Features of good grade steel wire hose

This kind of hose has many excellent features. The first one is its service life. Compared with ordinary food hose, its lifespan is at least three times longer. The second is its safety. This kind of food hose can resist low temp and wear. Besides, it is odorless and does not contain any toxic. Thus it can ensure the safety of use to the greatest extent. The third point is that it has strong tensile force and full elasticity. In addition it will not be dissolved when exposed to water. What’s more, it has a smooth inner wall. So it will not cause any damage to the medium.

Then there is its scope of use. Besides the apps mentioned above, we can see it in many industries. Because it can deliver both liquid and gas. While it is useful in cement plant, oil depot, water project, food, industry, mining, shipyard, etc.

PVC steel wire hose

The last thing is its use. Since it has a wide range of uses, what exactly is it used for? Its core function is protection. Because it is to transport various mediums like sand, glass flake, powder and some gases. In actual use, we can find that it has many excellent properties. Thus it can always complete the task well. This is why it is more and more popular.

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