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In the 21st century, corrugated hose serves in all walks of life. It has great property for medium deliver. The use of corrugated hoses is always a topic of concern to many merchants. You must know that the installation of such flexible hose needs to follow correct steps. Then let me show you the methods to install bellows.

PVC corrugated suction hose

First, install the hose with relevant drawing. Besides, follow each step strictly.

Second, the pipe that the corrugated hose installs to must have guide. Because only this can make the work best.

Third, during the storage, hoisting, and welding, try to avoid knock and scratch as much as possible. Because this may cause damage to the hose.

Fourth, before you install the bellows, make sure there will not be any impurities and foreign matter inside the pipe. Then this will ensure that the hose can operate normally.

Fifth, after the work and before running the deliver, remove all yellow transport fixing screws. Only in this way we can carry out the other procedures.

PVC corrugated suction hose pipe

Last, you must use special and standard tools. Because this will make the project more accurate.

Above are the methods to install a corrugated hose. Hope you can know it more clear. Orientflex is a hose supplier which can offer you high quality hoses. Besides, the hose from it are cost-effective. As for the products, it can offer you plastic hose, silicone hose, rubber hose, etc. If you need hoses, please send your inquiry.

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