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Lay flat hose is mainly used in agriculture equipment to transfer water, oil and other chemical stuffs. Meanwhile it can also be used in other applications such as water pump, construction engineering, etc.

There are different materials used for lay flat hoses, how to choose the right one for the intended using purpose of the project is an important topic. For answering this question, you should concern about the different characteristics of different materials and your industrial requirement.There are a variety of choices for layflat hoses’ materials, including PVC, TPU, rubber, PE, PU, and different materials composite choice. Different material have its technical strength. We mainly discuss TPU layflat hose here.

Characteristic of TPU lay flat hose

TPU refers to polyurethane thermoplastic elastomer, which offers TPU layflat hose an excellent anti-abrasion and anti-corrosion characters. The woven polyester jacket reinforcement makes TPU layflat hose even more anti-abrasion.

Meanwhile TPU can resist oil, acid, alkali, ozone, thus these characteristics allow TPU layflat hose to use in fire-fighting, petroleum, chemical industries, agriculture, and mining. Thus, if you required to distribute of slurry and manure for irrigation and might need to drag the hose, TPU hose is a better choice.

TPU layflat hose

Lay flat hoses can support hydraulic fracking, providing a steady huge quantity of water for your irrigation system. Besides conveying water, TPU lay flat hose can transfer oil and other chemical liquids, it can resist corrosion and lasts a long working life. Note, it can work in extreme weather conditions (withstand the temperature from -55 ℃ to 80 ℃).

Due to the TPU material and woven polyester jacket reinforcement TPU layflact can take even more than heavy duty PVC hoses’ working pressure, which can reach up to more than 20 bar.

The factors need to consider while purchasing TPU lay flat pipe

The inter diameter can make from 2 to 16 inch. The wall thickness’s range is from 2.6 mm to 5.8 mm.

The last but important thing is to choose trustworthy lay flat hose supplier to get the good quality and good price lay flat pipes. A good quality lay flat hoses can serve you a long time, on the other side, it saves your cost.

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