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The TPU hoses have an excellent performance on abrasion resistance, even they can be used as TPU drag hoses. You will know how excellent they are for the abrasion resistance. TPU layflat hoses’ inner tube and outer cover is made of TPU, and the reinforcement is woven polyester. TPU material is able to resist acid and alkali. And TPU hoses are corrosion resistant, thus the TPU layflat hoses can be used for delivering slurry and manure. TPU lay flat hoses are widely used in fire-fighting, shipping, agriculture fields, etc. TPU lay flat hoses’ working temperature range is wider than PVC. PVC hoses can work under the temperature from -10 ℃ to 60 ℃, whereas TPU hoses can withstand the temperature from -55 ℃ to 80 ℃. Thus the TPU layflat hoses can be used in cold environment.

TPU layflat hose

The pictures show the packaging and loading of our TPU layflat hoses, you can see our client just purchased the black and red color TPU layflat hoses with fittings from us. We, Orientflex exported our PVC layflat hoses and TPU layflat hoses to many countries’ markets. We hope we can be your supplier in the future. If you business is related to the irrigation, water pump industry, hoses distributor, you might need lay flat hoses, suction hoses, etc. We are here to help you. We have been doing hoses production and export industry for more than ten years. Our customers from all over the world are mostly satisfied with our service and the hoses we provided to them. Their feedback shows our hoses last a long working life. But we can not deny as long as you are doing business, there are some negative feedback also. Our customer service system tells us to treat customers’ feedback carefully. Within 24 hours knowing the problem, within 48 hours find the solution for the problem, and within 72 hours fixing the problem. In addition, we continuously improve our hoses’ quality and pay attention to the technology development. Choose Orientflex, find the appropriate hoses for your project.

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