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This piece will introduce the TPV hoses to you. What are the applications of the TPV hoses? The 6mm TPV hoses are widely used for transferring natural gas, liquefied gas, oxygen, etc. in measuring instrument for measuring flow. Whereas, the larger size of 12.7 mm TPV hoses are used for discharging water. We, Orientflex manufactured TPV hoses are flexible, anti-kink and the length can be customized. The TPV hoses normally are 10 meters, 15 meters, and 20 meters. The TPV hoses are without reinforcement, light weight and easy to use.

The mainly colors of we manufactured TPV hose are orange, black, green and yellow. And if you need other colors, the color can be customized. TPV hoses are mainly used for delivery water. You can see from the picture how do we pack the TPV hoses. After we roiled the TPV hoses, two black tapes are used to tie the TPV hoses. There is a clamp at one end. Then, use a transparent plastic bag to pack the TPV hoses, and attach a self-adhesive color card. Then the TPV hoses will be put into the boxes.

tpv hose

Depends on the volume of the TPV hoses (length and size), a fixed size of box can fit for different number of rolls of the TPV hoses. If you consider to buy a full container, you can choose to load them with the pallets or not. Using pallets can effectively reduce the the damage of the goods, improve the packaging efficiency, and reduce the logistics cost. However, using pallets might occupy some spaces. If you need TPV hoses, you can send us your requirements, our professional sales team will do the best efforts to satisfy all your demands. Many of our professional sales are with more then ten year experiences on exporting hoses. Aims to your country market, we will arrange the most appropriate sales to take responsibility for your order.

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