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Suction hose serves in a variety of industries to transport fluids under negative pressure conditions. Such hose is to handle the suction and discharge of liquid, slurry or other substances. Different types of suction hose are available to meet specific requirements. While they vary based on factors such as material, size and intended use. Here are some common types of suction hoses:

PVC Suction Hose

PVC suction hose is made of high quality PVC

Light in weight and flexible

Often used for general suction and discharge work.

Rubber Suction Hose

Made of various types of synthetic rubber

Suitable for abrasive materials, chemicals, oil or water.

Durable and can withstand harsh conditions.

PVC corrugated suction hose

Wire reinforced suction hose

Reinforced with wire helix for added strength and durability.

Used for heavy duty apps and where the hose needs to maintain its shape under suction.

Corrugated suction hose

Feature a corrugated design to make the water pump hose more durable.

Ideal for harsh working conditions in which the water hose has to wear with other objects.

Clear suction hose

Made from clear PVC or other transparent materials.

You can inspect the mediums flowing inside the clear hose.

Often used in industries where monitoring the flow is important.

Oil suction hose

Oil delivery hose is to handle the oil and petroleum based products.

Resistant to oil and fuel.

pvc suction hose for water pump

Chemical suction pipe

Designed to handle the suction and discharge of various chemicals. Like acid, alkali, etc.

Made from acid and alkali resistant rubber. Thus it is also called acid resistant hose.

Food grade suction hose

Ideal for the delivery of food and beverage like milk, beer, jam, juice, etc.

Chemical Suction Hose

Agricultural suction hose

Designed for agricultural use such as irrigation and water transfer.

It can resist UV and weather. Thus the soft suction hose can work at outdoors for a long time.

Above are the different types of suction hose. If you need these hoses, just consult Orientflex, which is a reliable suction hose supplier.

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