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Hoses are widely used in various industries for transferring water, gas, oil, chemicals, etc. For withstanding various mediums, the chosen of the raw materials and production process shall be different. For the industrial use of delivering chemicals and solvents, it is important to ensure the best quality chemical hoses from the reliable hose manufacturers. Following, UHMWPE chemical hose will be introduced to you from basic characteristics.

Concerning the chemical hoses’ construction, the tube of the chemical hoses formulated by white and smooth EPDM with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) membrane. The UHMWPE membrane enables the tube to have an excellent performance on corrosion resistance, which can handle 98% of chemicals. The chemical hoses are reinforced by multi-plies high strength synthetic fabric for only discharge purpose. If the hoses require the suction of chemical solvents, besides the multi plies high strength synthetic fabric, the helix wire reinforcement is needed. The cover of the chemical hose is EPDM, which is chemical, weathering, and ozone resistance. The chemical hose can withstand -40 ℃ to 120 ℃ temperature. The hose cover is mainly green or blue with wrapped surface. Other colors are also can be chosen. In addition, the UHMWPE chemical suction hoses can be made with corrugated cover, which is more flexible.

The inside diameter (I.D) sizes are from 3/4″ to 6″, but the special size (such as 5″) can hardly be manufactured due to the core mould has to be stainless steel to manufacture chemical or food grade hoses. But the factories doesn’t into the chemical hose for the continuity of statics. For both discharge and suction chemical hoses, there are 150 PSI and 250 PSI working pressure choices.have special sizes of stainless steel core mould. A cooper wire can be inserted

chemical hose

For knowing above information, I guess you already know what UHMWPE chemical discharge and suction hose is. As its name, the chemical hoses are designed for transferring chemicals and solvents in industrial use. Although the hoses can resist 98% of chemicals, some of the chemicals remained inside the tubes will damage the hoses in a long term. Furthermore, the residue might spill out and damage the environment. Thus, it is necessary to regularly clean the hoses. there are several tips for cleaning chemical hoses as following:

Firstly, the cleaning people should wear protective gear including eye masks, gloves, hats, etc. To protect themselves from the hazardous chemical solvents.

Secondly, cleaning chemical hoses should use the suitable cleaning solution. The residue chemicals should be readily soluble in the cleaning solution. As well as the cleaning solution should be compatible with the hose lining.

Thirdly, the waste that has been flushed out should be treated based on the guidelines of the local authorities.

Fourthly, if you prepare to use cleaning devices to clean chemical hoses, you should use them carefully without damaging the hoses’ inside, and also carefully use the steam cleaning. Steam cleaning requires the proper operation temperature and pressure, you would better ask for a professional hose cleaning staff to clean the hoses for you.

chemical resistant hose

Fifthly, after cleaning, the hoses should be hung upside down for a few hours for ensuring no chemical remains or dry the hoses with hot air.

If your industries require the transferring of chemicals, Orientflex can provide you the best quality UHMWPE chemical discharge and suction hoses with competitive prices. If you have any concerns, you can contact us. Our professional team will do the best to solve your problems and provide the best service.

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