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Let us see the trend of silicone raw material price. From the middle of August to the current, silicone raw material price has increased nearly a hundred percent. What are the reasons behind led to such sudden increase?

As a hose producer, we would say the reason is complex. Recently, chemical products have been on a rising trend since August. This wave of rising trends is different from previous years. There are more varieties and large ranges. According to the statistics, among 248 types of chemical products, the prices of 165 types of them are increased. The average increase rate is 29%.

The reason of silicone raw material price increases is the sharp increase in the prices of DMC. DMC is used as the main raw material for the raw silicone materials. The giant industries’ monopolistic behavior for the price of DMC, raw materials might lead to the price of silicone rises further.

Due to the instability of prices in silicone industries, our prices for we manufactured silicone hoses are updated almost every day. If you need any products that use silicone as raw material, we, Orientflex suggests you catch up market trends and place the order in the right time.

silicone hump hose

Besides the price of raw silicone material increases, we also influenced by electricity restriction policy. These macro environment threats bring new challenges for Chinese factories. Not only us, but also other manufactures.

I know it has been really tough time for both of us. But, we believe we can go through this difficult times together. We manufactured silicone hoses include auto silicone hoses. As long as you provide us OE number, drawings, or send us your hose, we can produce it as your requirements. We also manufacture extrusion hose, if you need food grade, we can use FDA approved food grade silicone raw material to produce for you. If you have any questions about silicone hose industry, or you have any requirements, welcome to contact us.

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