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Introduction of plastic suction hose

PVC suction hoses, also someone called it as water pump hose, PVC corrugated hose, etc. Most of these suction hoses are reinforced by rigid PVC helix. The pipe is made of wear-resistant PVC or PU, which contain both economical price and performance. The rigid PVC helix reinforcement is mainly for water suction purpose. The PVC suction pipe is widely applied in agriculture industries for water supply and suction, in addition, it can also be used for transporting various powdery particles, thus which is also popular and widely used in civil projects, construction building, etc. Our popular color of PVC suction hoses is transparent tube with rigid orange helix reinforcement. And also you can customize the PVC suction hose pipe’s surface to be smooth or corrugated. The sizes are from 3/4 inch to 12 inch, 3 inch suction hose for trash pump and 6 inch pump suction hose are popular choices. You can choose the size based on the working requirements.

Useful skills for PVC suction pipe’s storage

Although PVC suction hoses have an excellent abrasion and chemical resistant performance, the hoses may be exposed to various working environments during use, thus its physical properties will change accordingly. Therefore, we should pay attention to the following points during storage to prevent the nature of the PVC corrugated hose to from changing in the storage environment. The storage life should be shortened, so we can take the action like ‘first in first out’, to make sure each hose’s quality before use. We also need to pay attention to the temperature and humidity,The storage temperature should be maintained at 0 ℃ to 35 ℃. The PVC suction hose pipe should be stored in a dark place to avoid sunlight. The storage location should be kept at a sufficient distance from the heat source. Concerning the storage conditions, The hose should not be artificially compressed, elongated or deformed excessively during storage. And the last point please clean the hoses regularly after using. Do not use metal brushes, abrasives or sharp tools.

flexible suction hose pipe

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