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Water Blaster Hose

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Water Blaster Hose

Water blaster hose is made from high abrasion and pressure resistant rubber. Because it is to spray water in a high pressure. While such waterblaster hose is ideal for water scaling and jetting system.

WaterBlast Hose

Tube: Oil resistant, synthetic rubber

Reinforcement: Multiple steel wire spirals

Cover: Oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber
Temperature: -40℃ to +100℃ (-40°F to +212°F), intermittently up to +121℃(250°F)

Application: Very high pressure hose for water scaling and jetting systems

Water Blaster Hose is used in many waterblast applications such as paint removal, hydro-demolition of concrete, tank cleaning and many others. Orientflex offers you 3 pressure series with color coded branding for easy identification. While all of them have a safety factor of 2.5:1 and conform to RMA standards.

WaterBlaster Hose Application

Rubber hoses reinforced with 4 or 6 steel wires braid are designed with UHP (84-210 mpa) for waterjet cutting and waterjet cleaning equipment. High pressure water hose is used to clean chemical and power supply installations. Besides, it is to clean and cut concrete construction, pavement, steel surface, steelwork, tanks, vessels and mining.

Water Blaster Hose Specification

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