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A PVC layflat hose reinforced by high tensile braided polyester. In industrial market, PVC lay flat hose can be used for both light and heavy duty applications. Literally, light duty layflat hoses work for lightweight jobs,while heavy duty layflat hoses are produced to withstand larger demanded working pressures. Lay flat hoses are widely used in agricultural equipment for water transfer to supply and maintain water flow through irrigation systems. Meanwhile, these lay flat hoses can also be used in water pump, pool, construction, mines and marine, because of its good flexibility, light weight, and corrosion resistant.

Considering different using requirements, there are several typical working pressure:

Standard duty layflat hoses — 2-3 bar

Medium duty layflat hoses — 4-6 bar

Heavy duty layflat hoses — 8-10 bar

Choosing the right lay flat hose need to combine with the industrial development needs. Let the best quality layflat hoses bring you a steady stream of profits.

PVC layflat hose

How do you choose appropriate layflat hoses’ material?

There are a variety of choices for layflat hoses’ materials, including PVC, TPU, rubber, PE, PU, and different materials composite choice. Different material have its technical strength.

PVC lay flat hose is lightweight, flexible, and easy to handle, thus it is easy to move during working. However, comparing with rubber layflat discharge hose, PVC cover would be easily make scratches. Rubber layflat irrigation hose is good for resisting kinking, stretching and twisting, and it has a wider temperature range (from -29 ℃ to 80 ℃).

TPU is more resistant to low temperature (-55℃). TPU material has high-resistance abrasion, oil resistance, and corrosion resistance, thus TPU layflat hose can be used in fire-fighting, shipping, petroleum, chemical industry, agriculture, and mining. Due to its superior abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, TPU drag hose can be used for transferring slurry and manure in agricultural equipment.

To avoid weather and abrasion damage towards your layflat hoses, heavy duty rubber and TPU hoses seem to be a better choose, they are more suitable for permanent industrial applications such as discharging from a trailer. However, if you require lightweight layflat hoses and using for discharge of water, choose PVC layflat hose.

Feel free to share with us your using purpose and using scenarios, we will recommend you the most proper lay flat pipes for the success of your project.

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