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Rubber air hose widely serves in a wide range of industries. Then next, let me introduce you some general usages of industrial air hose.

Auto Industry

Rubber air hose widely serves in the auto industry. While it’s to supply air to pneumatic tools, airbrush, inflate tires and operate air system.


Rubber air hose is ideal for building project. While it is to power air tools such as nail gun, paint sprayer, impact wrench and hammer.

Industrial Setting

Rubber air hose in industry is to operate pneumatic machinery. Besides, it can power air operated tools and provide air.

Mining and Quarry

Rubber air hose also widely serves in mine and quarry. While it is to power drill, breaker and other air powered machines.

air compressor air hose


Rubber air hose is to operate pneumatic tools and machinery. Besides, it provides air for cleaning and drying. It can also operate air-driven irrigation system.


Rubber air hose can supply compressed air to actuator and control air damper.

Aviation and Aerospace

Rubber air hose is to supply air to pneumatic system.


Rubber air hose commonly serves in repair such as workshop, garage and service center.

DIY and Home

Rubber air hoses are also popular among DIY for air too which cleaning with air. It can also serve as a paint spray hose to spray paint on a wall.

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