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Nowadays, with the process of tech and living standards, more and more fake and shoddy products have appeared on the market. As a result, people now have huge doubts about things on the market. I don’t know if I am eating healthily or doing clean things. In fact, the most critical thing is not the retailers. The real source of all problems that can be avoided lies with the manufacturer. I believe that as long as every manufacturer can uphold the responsibility of food safety and make conscientious products. Instead of cheating for huge profits, many problems will be avoided.

wire reinforced silicone hose

Orientflex supply many kinds of food grade hoses to food, cosmetics, juice drinks and dairy factory. Thus we must strictly abide by relevant national laws and regulations and standardize production. Provide safe and qualified products to our clients. For this reason, our company will test food grade silicone hose products every year. Strictly control the products before leaving the factory. Then make the society and people be peace in mind.

Many food companies require our company to provide relevant qualification reports when purchasing silicone hoses. What specific reports are there? Based on the latest relevant policies, Orientflex will submit products for inspection to authoritative testing institutions that are truly recognized by the country and customers. Such as: FDA reports from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, plasticizer reports from the Chinese Academy of Quarantine Sciences, etc. Allow customers to produce with peace of mind after purchasing, and contribute to the production of qualified products

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