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In this piece, let’s focus on the composite hoses’ construction. Why it is special? And what functions have achieved by this special construction? General hoses’ constructions are more simple than the composite hoses’ construction. Generally speaking, hoses are made of a inner tube, reinforcement, and outer cover. For some applications, there is no reinforcement needed for the hoses. Those hoses are constructed by a simple excruded single tube, such as PVC clear tube, PU tube, silicone vacuum hose, etc. In terms of working conditions, you can choose which type of material is the most appropriate. And some hoses need to withstand higher working pressure, the reinforcement layers are required. If the applications require the hoses for suction, the reinforcement might needs the steel wire spiral or PVC helix. However, the construction of composite hose is more complicated.

composite hose

Concerning the construction of the compostie hose, from the hose’s inside to the outside are terminal, ferrule, inner wire, outer wire, multi-layers polypropylene, reinforcement layer, and PVC outer cover. The material type of the inner wire, outer wire, reinforcement, etc., you can decide by the transferring medium. If you are unsure about which type of material you should choose, you can tell your required application and the working environment to us, Orientflex. We will give you the most appropriate suggestions. The construction of composite hoses can compensate for vibration, movement, and misalignment of a fluid delivery system. Composite hoses have a small bending radius; composite hoses are easy to repair; and composite hoses have light weight (fourty percent lighter than the rubber hoses with the same size and the same length). The composite hoses are popular for the industrial use. Basically, the composite hoses can be used to transfer oil, corrosive chemicals, water, etc. If you require composite hoses for industrial use, please send us your requirements. We are glad to help you find the most suitable hoses for your application needs.

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