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In some places, we will use many pipes. For example, steam hose. Steam hose is a insulate and reliable pipe with good safety. Besides, the cost is low. It mainly serves in water cooling, cold and hot water of engines and food industry. It is also to transfer hot water and saturated steam in dairy plants. Because it can withstand dilute acid and alkali. But there are also many people don’t know much about such hose. Because it is not common in our ordinary family life. Next, let me show you what is a steam hose.

A brief introduction

Steam hose widely serves in liquid and gas transfer networks, chemical industry, central heat network and central air condition.

Features of steam hose:

The fittings include steel pipe, FRP inner sheath, and FRP outer shell. It also includes a high temp insulation layer, a lubricant layer and an elastic seal. The fittings solves the problems of thermal insulation and water-proof of exposed pipe ends. While these are the common problems in central heat supply in cities and towns for 130℃-600℃ high-temp heat transfer.

flexible steam hose

Composition of hose fittings:

(1) Working steel pipe: depend on the demand of medium convey, it can be seam steel pipe, seamless steel pipe and double-sided submerged arc spiral welded steel pipe.

(2) Insulation layer: rigid PU foam.

(3) Protective shell: high-density PU or fiberglass.

(4) Leakage alarm line: When produce high-temp direct-buried thermal insulation pipes, an alarm line is buried in the insulation layer close to the steel pipe. The detection instrument will give an alarm and display the exact location and degree of water leakage. So as to notify repair and personnel to quickly deal with the leaking pipe section. Then ensure the safe operation of the heating network.

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