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The max temp that PVC suction hose can handle varies as er the specific formula and the structure. Generally, PVC suction hose has a lower temp than other hoses. For example, rubber hose and silicone hose.

Typically, PVC suction hose can work at -10℃ to 60℃. However, it’s important to note that this range is a general guideline. While special PVC suction hose has other ranges depend on the structure and special use.

Exceed the max temp limit can lead to the soften or failure of the PVC material. It may also affect the integrity of the hose. Then it can reduce the hose lifespan.

suction hose PVC

If you anticipate work with fluids that exceed the temp range, you’d better find another hose. While you can choose a rubber hose for hot fluids. As it can bear 100℃. But if you want a higher temp hose, the silicone hose will be the best choice. As it can work at max 260℃. But no matter which hose you need, there is a thing that you should consider. That is never use the hose beyond the limit. Otherwise it will cause serious problem.

If you have no ideal which is the better one, just consult Orient. We works on hoses over 17 years and will offer you the best solution.

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