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When using a steam hose, you have to know the working condition of the hose and the state of the hose itself. But most important, you have to consider about the safety. Here we talk about what should be considered when using steam hose in the following three parts.

1. Before The Usage

Before using, you should first select a steam hose. You’d better buy the hose from famous brand like OrientFlex with high quality. Because the quality of the hose without certificate may bad and then cause danger during using. Besides, different countries have different standards and certificates, so make sure the hose standard and certificate meet your requirements.

You should test the hose on pressure and temperature before use it. If you connect the hose to a higher pressure and temperature system, it may cause the hose failure prematurely. Besides, the hose can’t be used in vacuum condition. If you find there is vacuum inside the hose, you should discharge it before using.

Make sure the hose is connected properly and safely on the system. Check the length of hoses on connection points and check if there is leaking there.

steam hose

2. During The Usage

After being used for a long time, you should check the hose to find out if there is abrasion and external broken on the hose. Long time abrasion will damage the reinforcement and reduce the strength, then reduce the lifespan. Besides, the broken will cause steam leakage which will reduce the pressure inside the hose and then cause the steam can’t be transferred. What’s worse, the steam leakage will cause damage to human and make the whole transfer system palsy. So you should change a new hose if the old one is been abraded seriously.

You need to clean the hose regularly and make sure there is no dust or foreign matter inside the hose. If there was, remove them to avoid subsequent problems.

Maintain the steam hose regularly to make sure it works well. We suggest you check the connectors of the hose if they are loose. If they were, tight them or change new ones if they were broken. You’d better test the hose on pressure after it being used for a long time.

industrial steam hose

3. After The Usage

No matter how high the quality is, the hose will still be affected by the external environment like ultraviolet, chemical, saline and pollution, which will cause bad effect on the hose’s performance. So make the steam hose away from these factors.

Through this article, you may have a deep impression on steam hose. Hope you can use steam hose safe and if you want to learn more about steam hose or other hoses, please follow us and read the subsequent articles

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