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Brake drum is an basic part of brake system and the material is normally malleable cast iron. The failure of brake drum is mainly because the wear between brake pad and brake drum. Then the wear cause abrasion and distortion. Especially when the rivet outcrops or other rough materials like sand enter the brake, the abrasion will be more serious.

The abrasion from rough materials will cause grooves around the brake drum. More than 30% of the brake drums scraps because the abrasion exceed the extreme size. What’s more, if you drive a car on mountain roads, the abrasion will speed up because the frequent brake. Then it cause out of round and scrap earlier.

When the abrasion exceeds the extreme size with many times processes, the brake drum wall will be thin. Then the crack appears under the loading stress. In the meantime, if the heavy load vehicle goes through water after going down the mountain, it will cause the brake drum shrink after a high temperature. Then it cause crack on brake drum along the axis.

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There is an important thing that some companies add metal disc on the brake shoe to increase the thickness of brake block. Though the brake drum has already exceeded the usage extreme. However, this is really dangerous. Because It may cause brake failure in some cases. Thus when maintain vehicles, unload the brake drum and check it clearly. If there was any crack, change a new one immediately.

Will high temperature of brake drum cause our of round?

Brake drum will out of round in the late part of working life. Because the brake drum wears with brake block each other. Besides, the high temperature and high pressure of brake drum will also cause out of round.

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