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The air brake hose plays a crucial role in a car’s braking system. Here are some key reasons why the air brake hose is important for a car.

Transfer Compressed Air

In vehicles with air brakes, the braking system relies on compressed air to actuate the brake mechanisms. While the air brake hose J1401 serves as the conduit. Through this, compressed air goes from the brake system to the brake chambers.

brake hose

Brake Actuation

When the driver applies the brakes, the compressed air will be delivered through the air brake hose to the brake chambers. Then this air pressure causes the brake chambers to expand. This in turn pushes the brake shoes or pads against the brake drums or rotors, generating friction and slowing down the vehicle.


The proper functioning of the air brake hose is essential for the safe operation of the vehicle. Any malfunction or failure of the hose can result in a loss of braking power. Worse more, it may cause serious accident. Regular inspection and maintenance of the air brake hose are therefore critical to ensure optimal brake performance and overall vehicle safety.

Durable and Reliable

Rubber brake hose can withstand high pressure and temp variations. Because it adopts durable materials such as reinforced rubber. Therefore, it is durable and has a long service life.

Overall, the rubber air brake hose is an integral component of the braking system in vehicles. It not only affect your driving experience, but also concern your safety. Only a high quality hose can be durable and reliable. In another hand, only a reliable supplier can provide you reliable air brake line. While Orientflex is such a reliable supplier. Since setting up in 2010, we always aims providing you the cost-effective hoses. As for the brake hose, we can provide you J1401 and J1402 types. Besides, we can provide you PA pneumatic hose. If you need high-end auto rubber hose, inquire now.

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