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In the last piece, I introduced the features and requirement of photographic chemical hose. While in this piece, let’s learn some typical materials for such chemical hose.


Polyurethane hose has good oil, corrosion and abrasion resistance. Thus it is widely used to transport chemicals and solvents. Besides, it often serves as duct hose to deliver abrasive materials like granule and sand.

PU steel wire duct


PVC hose has good flexibility, corrosion resistance and low cost. Thus it is widely used in chemical transfer and other fields.


CPVC hoses are used in high temp and corrosive environment. Because it has high heat and corrosion resistance.


PTFE hose has good chemical and high temp resistance. And it can withstand extreme chemicals and high temps.


EPDM hose has good corrosion, acid and alkali resistance. So it is widely used to transport acid and alkali solutions and chemicals.

PTFE pipe

From above we can see there are many kinds of hoses for photographic chemical. While you need to choose a right one based on exact chemical and use environment. Only this the deliver can be safe and reliable. In addition, if it needs, you can use various reinforce materials. Such as fiber reinforce and metal armor. This can increase the pressure and wear resistance of the hose.

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