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What does a pneumatic hose work for?Pneumatic hoses and tubes are used for conveying compressed air to the needed location. If you are looking for a pneumatic hoses in the market, you will find out there are many types of pneumatic hoses and sizes, thus there are many factors that you should consider to choose the right one to help you complete the task. This piece will mainly introduce one of the most popular pneumatic air tubing, PU hoses to you, of course there are also other choices, such as PA hoses, PVC air hoses, etc. But here, we will see whether PU pneumatic hoses can satisfy your needs.

Characteristic of Polyurethane Pneumatic Tubing

If you have purchase urethane air hose before, you might know that when we discuss the sizes, we often talk about the outside diameter of the PU hose pipe, rather than inside diameter like when we talk about other types of hoses. Thus the sizes mentioned as following refers to the outside diameter of the PU hose. The sizes range, we, Orientflex, can produce from 4mm to 16mm. Pneumatic hose 6mm is a popular choice. Choosing the appropriate sizes is important, due to the sizes matter with the air flow, and might lead to pressure losses. However if you choose a large size, that might cause a higher cost. Concerning the PU hoses’ construction, you can choose a single material polyurethane made, or to be reinforced by braided fibre if you require them to withstand higher working pressure. Polyurethane is a popular choice as a pneumatic hose. The hardness is constant. It is flexible, anti-abrasion, and anti-kink. It can resistant weak acid and base. If you need, we can use food grade raw PU material to manufacture PU hoses for you.

PU pneumatic hose

As a polyurethane hose manufacturer, however, we do not suggest you use polyurethane tubing to convey water. If the operation environment is damp, or you need use the hoses to transport water and other liquid, we suggest you to use polyether, we can also manufacture polyether hose pipe. If you have any purchase plan for PU hoses, please contact us, we will provide a good wholesale PU tube price for you.

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