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EPDM is a rubber material that we are familiar with. It is also one of the universal rubbers. It is widely used in many fields due to its excellent oxidation resistance, ozone resistance and corrosion resistance. Such as automotive parts, engineering machinery, automotive seals and other fields. So what advantages does it have over other general-purpose rubbers?

The first is cost-effective

EPDM raw rubber is the rubber with the smallest density. Therefore, it has the lightest weight with the same volume. In addition, due to its own chemical structure, during the process of making EPDM rubber hose, a certain amount of oil or some other fillers can be added to the material. And these fillings basically have no negative impact on the performance of EPDM. And because the cost of pure EPDM rubber is too expensive. Therefore, these rubbers with fillers and other additives are much cheaper in terms of cost.

EPDM radiator hose

The second is its temperature resistance

EPDM products such as EPDM hoses have a max temp of 120°C. In other words, it can work normally for a long time in this temp range. Or working in an environment beyond this range for a short period of time or indirectly. This makes it often used in applications such as car heater ducts.

Then there is its corrosion resistance

EPDM rubber is a non-polar rubber and the saturation is very low. Therefore, it has strong tolerance to various acids and alkali, animal and vegetable oils, refrigerants, etc. It can transport weak acid, alkali, refrigerant and other materials.

steam hose

Finally, let’s talk about anti-aging properties

Before talking about anti-aging property, we must first know what are the causes of aging. The main reason for the aging of rubber hoses and other products is oxidation reaction. Followed by corrosion from other chemicals such as acids and alkali, and damage caused by friction. Raising the temp can increase the oxygen molecules’ spark. Then makes it more susceptible to oxidation reactions in the rubber tube. But EPDM rubber is heat-resistant. And it’s very low saturation. Therefore, it can more effectively reduce the oxidation reaction between it and oxygen, especially ozone.

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