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The introduction of rubber conditioner hose SAE J2064

This piece aims to let you know about rubber conditioner hose SAE J2064. The rubber conditioner hose SAE J2064 is widely used in vehicles’ air conditioner systems to convey R134a and R12 refrigerants. The rubber conditioner hose SAE J2064 is designed to minimize the permeation and leakage of the R134a and R12 refrigerants. This rubber conditioner hoses’ working temperature ranged from -40 ℃ to 135 ℃. The basic construction of SAE J2064 rubber air conditioner hose contains CSM/EPDM tube, nylon alloy barrier, EPDM/NBR buffer, PVA reinforcement, and EPDM cover.The construction details of this hose can be discussed by the buyers and manufacturers. The hose marked ‘SAE J2064’ represents the hoses have met the requirements of SAE J2064 for R134a refrigerant.

Why is the rubber conditioner hose hot in use?

Indeed, it is normal for the high-pressure automobile air conditioner hoses to be hot while in use. Because the refrigerant in the tube has just been compressed by the compressor, the refrigerant here should be in a high temperature and high pressure state, which can be known according to the working principle of the car air conditioner. Therefore, it is normal for the high-pressure automobile air conditioner hose to be hot.

What is the reason for the icing of automobile air-conditioning hoses?

If we say the phenomenon of the automobile air conditioner hoses to be hot in use is normal, but the icing is not normal. The reasons for the icing of automobile air-conditioning hoses might be blockage of the air-conditioning drain hole, high water content of the refrigerant in the air-conditioning system, failure of the evaporator temperature sensor, and blockage of the expansion valve, etc. The icing of the automobile air-conditioning pipes will affect the refrigeration of the automobile air-conditioning. You should go to the repair shop for inspection and maintenance in time.

car air conditioner tube


These are mainly concerns and questions of the users for automobile air conditioning system. What the automobile air conditioning system has some fault signals, the conditioner hose will show the signs. Even sometimes the automobile air conditioning system’s problems caused by the air conditioner hose. It can be seen that how important it is to choose a high quality auto air conditioner hose. We, Orientflex manufactured rubber automobile air conditioner hoses are refrigerant moisture ingression resistant and heat resistant, excellent whip test resistant, and noise reduction. They are flexible meanwhile it is impermeable. They are anti-aging and ozone resistant. The regular sizes are 5/16 inch, 7/16 inch, 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, and 3/4 inch. The working pressure is 3.5 MPa, and the bursting pressure is much higher than the working pressure with around six times as the working pressure. We guarantee the quality and safety. Besides the rubber conditioner hose, we also manufacture rubber fuel hose SAE J30 R6, rubber heater hose SAE J20 R3, rubber brake hose SAE J1401 and J1402, oil cooler hose SAE J1532, etc. For the automobile using, we also manufacture various types of silicone hose, and we can offer O.E.M. If you demand for our auto hoses, welcome to contact us.

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