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In the last article, we talked about the reasons that cause failure in water suction on the pump aspect. Let’s talk about the hose aspect this time.

1. The loose connector

Because of the loose connector between water suction hose and pump, the pump remains sucking air, so there will be less water being pumped. Check all the connectors between hose and pump if there is leaking. If it is, tighten the loose connectors and change the broken ones. We can recognize if there is leaking by running the pump and shutting down 5 minutes later, then close to the hose and listen if there is the sound of air suction.

2. The position of hose in the water resources

The position of hose in the water resources can affect the water suction? Some people may not understand, but that’s true. In fact, the position of the suction hose in the water affect the suction efficiency greatly.

In one hand, if the position is shallow, much of air will be sucked into the hose and then cause less water being sucked. In another hand, if the position is deep, the water suction hose may touch the bottom of water resource. This will cause that only part of the hose can be used to suck water and another part is blocked by the bottom. So when do suction work, put the hose into water source not too shallow and not too deep.

3. The length of water suction hose

It’s a fact that the longer the water suction hose is, the more power it will need to pump the same volume of water. So if the distance between the water resources and pump is too long, you shall strengthen the power, or there will be less water being sucked. So if possible, reduce the distance between water source and the pump.

4. The diameter of water suction hose

For the same reason, the larger the diameter is, the more power it will need to suck the same volume of water. So it will be better to use a smaller size of water suction hose.

rubber water hose

5. The water being delivered

If the water that being delivered is full of impurities like branches, small stone, cloth or other solids, the water suction hose will be blocked, then the water can’t be delivered.

These are the reasons that there is less water being transported. If you have questions about it, don’t hesitate to email or call us.

As a professional supplier of hoses, OrientFlex provides high quality water suction hose. Our water suction hose is made from top-grade NBR and reinforced with multiply of high strength fibre and one layer of steel wire. It’s used to transfer water in agriculture, construction and many other light duty applications with tough operation conditions.

The common size is from 3/4” to 14” and the pressure is normally 150 psi and 300 psi. OrientFlex provides customized service, we can produce the hose according to your requirements on size, length, thickness and other factors.

If you need water suction hose or if you have some questions about this hose, just contact us and we will give you constructive suggestions.

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